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Try the Google Chrome Experiments

Try the Google Chrome Experiments

Google Chrome Experiments is a selection of web experiments, combining the use of the Google Chrome browser as host with the newest discoveries in HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL. With Chrome Experiments, Google encourages designers and developers to bring the future to us right now. Below you can view some of our favorites from the list of hundreds.

Tri Me by Scott Garner
Using web camera, turn your world into a film

Super Resize Me by Maximum
A fun game with slick flat design graphics

Asterank by Ian Webster
An interactive visualization of our solar system.

JAM with Chrome by Google
Pick an instrument to play, and invite your friends to play other instruments on their devices.

Google Space by Mr.doob
This one mocks up the clean Google setup.

Pitts Special Demo by Eric M
A demo flight simulation

Zen Photon Garden by Micah Elizabeth Scott
Make a stunning image by drawing lines to fracture a ‘ray of light’.

Cube Slam by Google
Video chat meets video game in this new experiment featuring WebGL and WebRTC. Play face-to-face against a friend just by sending a link.